Increased need for Feed

foodbank-map-greenIncreased demand for food banks has led to a new bank being opened in Batford.

Demand for Feed, the existing food bank at Vineyard Church in St Albans, had doubled over the last year and there are now plans to open other food banks in the St Albans and Harpenden area.

Kerry Pollard said: “Sadly food banks are now a necessary part of life. This ever growing need is a reflection of the growing financial problems in our society and the recent changes in the way benefit payments are organised. The organisers and helpers are doing a tremendous job as is the public who are donating food items.”

At Feed, in Brick Knoll Park on the Ashley Road industrial estate, clients are invited to choose 15 food items from the shelves, rather than being handed a food package.

Local churches and other organisations contribute food and the food bank is working with local supermarkets, who are enabling the collection of food donated by generous shoppers.

Austerity is reaching ever further into our community, the economy may be growing but no benefit is being felt by too many ordinary people. Midwives, nurses, local authority workers are all contemplating industrial action as a result of falling living standards. People in communities all across Britain are really struggling – and that includes too many people in St Albans.

While the rich are getting richer, and this government is giving tax cuts to millionaires and ignoring tax-dodging corporations, ordinary people are paying the price. This has to stop.

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