Launching his campaign today (Sunday, 14 May) Kerry Pollard, has announced five key pledges to the people of St Albans. The former MP set out the agenda he would pursue if Labour win the seat in the General Election on Thursday 8 June.

He pledged:

  • To give you a say on Brexit
    Kerry supports a further referendum before the final decision is made on Britain’s departure from the European Union. “It is only beginning to become clear what leaving the EU might mean for ordinary people,” Kerry said. “I believe the public should be able to have their say when we know what deal is really available.”
  • More homes to solve the housing crisis
    Building new homes for sale and rent makes sense for the economy and it makes sense for the people in desperate need of homes they can afford to live in.
  • A new teaching hospital
    We need to invest in the NHS. Kerry has long worked for a new teaching hospital in St Albans, linked to the university, and providing a full range of services for local people while helping to train the extra doctors, nurses and other health professionals our health service needs.
  • Build homes on the rail freight site
    The rail freight proposal for Park Street is the wrong development in the wrong place. If the site must be developed it should be done for the good of the whole community. Kerry supports building housing and a new school on the site. He wants Napsbury station reopened and to develop part of the site as a new, public, woodland – improving the environment, not ruining it.
  • Renationalise rial services
    No one who regularly commutes from St Albans needs to be told that our train service is failing the city. Kerry believes that the public should control our rail services, ensuring an affordable service as part of a fully integrated public transport network.

Labour are the only party who can beat the Conservatives in St Albans. Kerry Pollard represented the city between 1997 and 2005 and the Labour Party came second here in 2015. That means that only a vote for Labour can protect your environment, rebuild the NHS, ensure that we build the homes local people need and improve public transport. Kerry Pollard is the only candidate who can ensure that the people of St Albans get a say in Britain’s future.

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