Kerry Pollard has supported a bill that would allow the public and workers to have their say when privatisation is proposed.

save-royal-mailAt the moment services can be privatised our outsourced and taxpayers and workers get no say. In 2013 the government sold off The Royal Mail on the cheap – costing the taxpayer almost £1bn despite the fact that it was making profits of £400m per year. Earlier this year the East Coast Mainline service was sold to a private contractor despite making profits of £225m per year. And, under this coalition, increasingly large parts of the NHS have been sold to private companies.

At the moment the public don’t even have the right to see the contracts that are signed with many companies.

A Public Service Users Bill would introduce transparency and accountability, by forcing local and national government to consult the public before privatising services and making sure that such deals are value for money. Contracts and financial data would have to be available under freedom of information and the public would have the right to recall poorly performing contractors.

“I am totally in support of this effort,” Kerry Pollard said. “It is absolutely vital that the people who use and work for our public services have a say in who owns, and who profits, from the ownership of services like the NHS.”

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