nhs_time_to_careRecently Dr Peter Carter, General Secretary of the Royal College of Nurses, highlighted the number of nurse training places that had been cut.

There is no doubt that there is an acute shortage of nurses, our own NHS Trust has been recruiting nurses from Spain, Holland and further afield.

Here in Hertfordshire we have one of the best nurse training establishments in the country based at Herts University with state of the art facilities and top quality tutors – this is where we should be recruiting our nurses from.

Last year our NHS Trust spent £7.2M on Agency Nurses, equivalent to 2.5% of the total budget! A good portion of this money going to the Agency – a private company, this money should stay within the health service.

Labour is committed to an NHS with time to care. That means more nurses, more doctors, more home-care workers and more midwives – because NHS staff are the key to a system that can care for everyone.

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