The coalition’s deficit deception isn’t fooling anyone as their own supporters turn on Chancellor’s strategy.

Chancellor George Osborne's policies are discredited - even amongst other Conservatives.

Chancellor George Osborne’s policies are discredited – even amongst other Conservatives.

Even Conservative commentators have seen through the coalition’s sham economic policies. Right wing journalist Peter Hitchens recently slammed Chancellor George Osborne’s ‘ridiculous claims of success and his comically incredible predictions based on unfeasible spending cuts’ and warned Mail Online readers to examine ‘his shocking record’ in dealing with the country’s deficit.

Describing Osborne as ‘the captain of a rusty and sinking ship’, Hitchens warned readers they were on a voyage to the Antarctic in midwinter. He wrote: “Mr Osborne is missing his borrowing targets and is less than halfway to getting rid of the deficit, despite having planned in 2010 to have done so by now.”

Peter Hitchens has been praised in The Economist as “a forceful, tenacious, eloquent and

brave journalist”.

The Local Voice’s last issue highlighted this “Deficit deception”, carrying an excerpt from a letter of October 2014 from Chair of the UK Statistics Authority, Sir Andrew Dilnot CBE to Chris Leslie MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, showing that Public Sector Net Debt has INCREASED during the coalition’s term of government. We also quoted Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott in The Sunday Mirror in November attacking Osborne as “the greatest deceiver of them all”.

Peter Hitchens warns that millions of people can’t afford to live on their low wages and are borrowing to bridge the gap, adding “Household debt as a percentage of income is forecast to rise soon from 146% to 180%.

He writes that those responsible for this “incredibly serious mess” now “plan to present themselves to the country next May as the people who repaired our economy” – a position he attacks as fraudulent.

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